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Welcome to the home of Littleton Youth Lacrosse Association

LYLA offers the boys and girls in Grades 1 through 8 in Littleton, MA and surrounding towns the opportunity to learn and play the game of Lacrosse. Our purpose is to develop a strong and vibrant non-profit organization led by volunteers committed to creating a positive and meaningful experience for all involved. LYLA is a cooperative, nonprofit, nonsectarian and nonpartiasan organization.

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LYLA Annual Survey Feedback
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Congrats to our 2015 U15 Patriot League Champs!
Hit the Net Sports
LYLA lacrosse players and parents,   There is a new...
Upcoming LYLA Board Meeting Dates
The Littleton Youth Lacrosse Association Board of Directors will...
LYLA Annual Survey Feedback

Thank you to all who participated in the first annual Littleton Youth Lacrosse Association (LYLA) Survey.  LYLA gained some valuable insights.

Your feedback is important to us as we continue to strive to bring LYLA to the next level.

Participation was on par with normal (20-25%) surveys, 26% or 44 submitters.   As a reminder all submittals are anonymous.   Here is the prioritized list of results with the most positive rated first:

  1. Good / Clear Communication with the Coach
  2. Equal playing time experienced
  3. Overall Experience with the Program
  4. Good / Clear Communication with the League
  5. Quality of overall Lax education received was strong

All average scores were greater than 4 (out of 5, 5 being best).   This is a very positive reflection on the program.   It doesn’t mean there were not areas for improvement identified, which the board is addressing, just an overall positive trend.

I also analyzed the freeform comments.  The most common comments in the feedback are:

  1. ~ 50% of people who commented indicated the fields were in desperate need of rework
  2. Less focus on winning and more on skills development for players – typically at younger levels
  3. Identify opportunities for kids to play off-season
  4. Specific feedback by team or isolated incidents

Overall the feedback was great and helpful and the LYLA Board is looking to improve and address these areas.    We’re providing feedback to the coaches and taking other actions.  As an example we’re looking to bring in coaches from local club teams to “Coach the Coaches” and develop stick skills and improved drills to address 5) above.

I look forward to the upcoming LAX season.   The critical dates for the season and coaching clinics are already posted to the website and the tryouts / coaches will be identified in the next 30 days.   Keep an eye out.

We’ll run the same survey immediately after the 2016 season to look for trends and additional opportunities for improvement.


John Bergeron

President, LYLA

by posted 01/29/2016
Congrats to our 2015 U15 Patriot League Champs!

by posted 01/26/2016
Hit the Net Sports

Hit the Net Sports Flyer

LYLA lacrosse players and parents,


There is a new local sporting goods store, Hit the Net Sports, on 2A in Acton that will be assisting us with sizing and distribution of lacrosse uniforms this year. They are offering some good discounts and services that may be of interest for the holiday season.





by posted 11/30/2015
Upcoming LYLA Board Meeting Dates

The Littleton Youth Lacrosse Association Board of Directors will be meeting from 8 to 9PM on the following dates at the Littleton Police Department Community Room (500 King Street).  All parents and coaches involved with the program are strongly encouraged to participate.

  • 10/22/2015
  • 11/16/2015
  • 12/16/2015
  • 01/20/2016
  • 02/17/2016
  • 03/16/2016
  • 04/20/2016
  • 05/18/2016
  • 06/15/2016



by posted 06/16/2015
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