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​LYLA Parents:    

The on-line store for ordering uniforms is now open!  You must place your order before 10:00 pm on Tuesday, February 28th.  Once the on-line store closes there will be no other opportunity to order new uniforms so please be sure to complete your orders as early as possible. 

There is no requirement to purchase a new uniform if your son or daughter has one that still fits them from last year.   

Please refer to the flier below for ordering instructions and website link. 

There are several important changes to the ordering process this year:   

  • Orders will be shipped directly to you from the vendor.   
  • Girl’s jerseys are unchanged, however, based on feedback from last year the bottoms were switched from skorts to skirts (no liner) and the tiger silhouette was removed. Please be sure to review sizing guidelines on the website carefully.   If needed, a sample fitting for girl’s uniforms can be arranged by contacting the girl’s program coordinator Tom Rogers at 
  • Boys uniforms are unchanged from last year. Sizing guidance has been provided on the website.  If you have questions related to sizing boy’s uniforms, you can contact the vendor directly.  
  • Any child who received a uniform last year will be issued the same number as last year on a re-order.  New players will be assigned a number based on availability.  Number requests can be made in the comment box of the online order but are not guaranteed. If you have a specific number you would like please indicate as such in the comments on the order (it is always good to provide a second/third choice as well)    

Thank you for placing your orders early and accurately. If you have any questions please email us at and we will do our best to assist.